A Woman's Place IS in the Kitchen

This post comes from a time when as a feminist I was going through an existential crisis leading to the conclusion that earlier feminists were wrong to claim that a woman's place is not in the society. It so is. So is a Man's. So is a child's, be it a girl or boy. Why could they just not say 'WE ALL BELONG IN THE KITCHEN!' and leave it at that? I wish I had spent more time in the kitchen. 

Cinderella CAN be Dark

When we first adopted my cat Sparky, the whole world looked down at her because she was black. The good thing was that she didn't care what anyone thought. But humans do. And when little girls are told they aren't beautiful because they're dark, and constantly nagged to try whitening creams as soon as they hit puberty so they can get a good 'rishta', it leaves them shattered with scars that take years to heal. This is an account of one such incident and how as a young girl you can use move beyond it to gain your own self confidence.

What even are PCOS?

If you are also SO done with your ACNE issues and your hair loss and your weight gain, etc. give this piece a read to see if you might actually have PCOs all this time but never quite new about it. It's rather unfortunate that doctors (dermatologists and even gynecologists) don't talk about PCOs like they should. Often times girls go undiagnosed for something that they can so easily treat and control with some lifestyle adjustments, and end up trying all sorts of pills, medications and todkas, never really being able to solve the problem at its core. With this post, I hope you can get a basic idea of whether what you have may be PCOs, what they are and how you can work on it.

BREAKING NEWS: Feminati Police raids Disney Studios and take Moana into Custody!

This week the Feminati Police conducted a surprise Chaapa at 'Walt Disney Animation Studios' and took the animated movie 'Moana' into custody for anti-feminist content. The team at Super Sumayah was able to use its amazing contacts of course and procure the First Information Report (FIR) along with the judge's remarks on the matter. Read more for all the juicy details.

Athens: 3 Day Itinerary

A super itinerary for one of the most exciting capitals in the world. Athens truly is a marvel to soak in and enjoy. It takes you down history, makes you appreciate how man/womankind has grown so much, and how the Athenian civilization was one of the best and most advanced at its time. If I had more time, I would stay longer, which is why this itinerary is tailor made for 3 days, because that is, in my humble opinion, the minimum everyone should at least give to this breathtaking city.

The Letter on International Women's Day

A letter to all my Pakistani fellows (men and women). I thought it would be nice to thank you all for stepping up your game on International Women's Day, while sharing my 'truest self' as a step to challenge my own insecurities this year. I also thought I'd give ideas to those who want to do more than appreciate the women in their lives, to make the lives for the very same women ACTUALLY a lot better. Wow awesome stuff wow.

Giveaway: Ajraks by Sub Hay

Five beautiful and exotic Ajraks by 'Sub Hay' Online Store are up for grabs. Read more for details on how to participate in the Give Away and get your very own Ajrak. Bonus: The post also talks about why the Ajrak is so special.

'I Love Myself' Box

The government can ban public celebration of Valentine's Day all it wants, ain't nobody gonna stop you from showing yourself some love this year. Read on about this very special and exclusive box treat to appreciate yourself.