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If you're going through pressing life challenges that are holding you back, and you are looking for someone to guide you with an action plan to not only overcome these challenges but to elevate yourself in the process to become a stronger, better individual, these sessions are especially designed for you! Super Sessions are being run by three expert individuals providing you with the option to get psychological therapy, career counseling or life coaching based on your specific needs. 

What is a Super Session?

Each Super Session is a one hour long coaching session that can be conducted face to face if you're in Islamabad or virtually over Skype for all those residing outside of Islamabad. Following are the sessions being offered:


Empowerment/Life Coaching with Sumayah Hasan

Aimed at helping you set out specific goals related to issues you're facing in life, be it related to your career or personal life, and lay out detailed action plans with timelines to ensure that you can overcome the hurdles successfully. If you're uncertain of what your goals are, you can schedule a pre-coaching session. A follow up session is for when you're facing challenges with your action plan or need feedback. 


Employability Skills Coaching with Madiha Amin

These sessions are targeted at improving your resumes, cover letters and interview skills for better chances of getting employed. You will be provided with a sample resume to use while working on yours as well as walked through exact areas of improvement. For interviews, again the coach will conduct a mock interview and provide you with the feedback that is guaranteed to help you do better.

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Therapy Sessions with Abeer Iqbal

For those who need to improve their mental health. Using an integrative approach designed to meet you where you are ready to start, these therapy sessions are uniquely tailored to your needs and goals. You will be encouraged towards an active, honest partnership with the coach by allowing you to share what works for you and what doesn’t,
how the pace of therapy is for you, and what can be done to better help you. This keeps the relationship active, fresh, and forward moving. The coach commits to adhere to the values of her practice and be reliable, available, and validating. She is here to bear witness to your thoughts and feelings because you deserve nothing less.

Time: One hour

Price: PKR 1500/- only per session (Payment to be done at the time of booking via EasyPaisa or Online Transfer)

Who is eligible: Any Pakistani boy or girl, residing anywhere in the world, with an internet connection is eligible to apply.

How to Apply?

Kindly fill out the form below with your details and we will reach out to you via email with a link to our respective calendars, payment details and a questionnaire that will help you focus your thoughts a little before the session and help your coach prepare accordingly. Once the payment is received, the session's booking will be considered confirmed. Please note that failure to book a time and make payment within FOUR DAYS of booking a session will result in an automatic cancellation of your registration.

Why book with these Coaches?


Sumayah Hasan

BA-LLB from LUMS, Sumayah has worked with multinational organizations and social enterprises where she focused on empowering women and girls from not only Pakistan but all over Asia through leadership coaching and mentorship opportunities. She has extensive experience in coaching and mentoring women and girls more specifically to help them take ownership of their lives and grow as leaders in their personal and professional lives.


Madiha Amin

BSc (hons) Business and Management Studies and MSc Human Resource Management and Development from University of Salford, Madiha is an HR Professional who started her career as an
HR director. Part of her job entails interviewing a lot of graduates and well experienced individuals and has found herself to be passionate about helping the youth of Pakistan to polish their employability skills, a field which is overlooked in universities and colleges of Pakistan these days.

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Abeer Iqbal

With Masters and Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology, Abeer is a Clinical Psychologist by profession who values respect, active listening, honesty, encouragement, support, empowerment, and respectful humor. She has worked with people having different mental health issues and from all walks of life ranging from
students, children, housewives, working women and men. She has also written various
Psychological assessment and Psycho-diagnostic reports as well as implemented various
methods of Psychological testing and psychotherapies. 


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