The Winter Skin Care Routine

The Winter Skin Care Routine

I returned to my beautiful home country after three years of a lovely stay in Thailand. What I didn't anticipate was a winter that I had not seen in those three years since Thailand is a tropical country with warm temperatures all year round. Naturally I was faced with extreme dryness, patchy skin, flaky lips. I think it's safe to say that it was an epic disaster. And that's when I decided (as always) to take the reigns in my own hands, and fix this shit once and for all. So as promised in the Live Instagram session that I could not save because my battery died towards the end (sadness), here's a breakdown of everything that I've been using to hydrate my skin in the extreme cold. Most of the products are Korean because honestly they know their skin care better than the rest of the world, I mean it! Since it's not easy to get these products delivered in Pakistan due to heavy taxation, customs and other duties, here's what you can do:

1) Find substitutes for the kind of product to be used that are available in Pakistan. For instance look for face serums from other renowned brands that are available in stores making sure they're hydrating and will work for the purpose you're getting them for.

2) Try THIS Pakistani website that also ships Korean products. They don't have many brands but they have a few good ones. Also THIS FACEBOOK PAGE also seems to have quite a few Korean as well as Japanese products in Pakistan.

3) I get my products from THIS website. They deliver in many parts of the world such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, US, UK, etc. If you have family or friends frequently visiting from these countries, get your stash delivered there, and ask them to bring it whenever they visit. That's what I intend to do.

4) The regime is what's more important than the products. So focus on that okkkk?

5) Try getting small packs delivered. Usually customs stops big packages, but small ones pass through them rather easily. Also leave a comment for the online store to avoid mentioning that the package is a bought item with prices, etc. on the surface of the package. They might comply and customs might not see it as a commercial package. :D

6) Amazon also delivers some products in Pakistan. Give them a try maybe?

Alright, time to list the products now!


1) Double Cleanse using an oil based cleanser first, followed by a water based cleanser. Make sure the cleansers are hydrating. I use double cleanse for night time when I need to take make-up off and only use the water based cleanser in the morning. 

OIL BASED CLEANSER: Banila. Co's 'Clean It Zero' Sherbet Cleanser in Purity for Sensitive Skin

WATER BASED CLEANSER: B-Lab's 'I am Sorry Just Cleansing' Foam

2) Toner with a cotton pad on the face (except the eyes). It locks the moisture in after a wash. The one I use is Laneige's 'Power Essential Skin Refiner Moisture' but you can use any other as long as it's moisturizing.

3) Essense, a light weight moisturizer again all over the face except the eyes. I use Benton's 'Snail Bee High Content Essence'.

4) Serum, a slightly heavier moisturizer that adds a second layer of hydration after the essence dries off. I use Klair's 'Rich Moist Soothing Serum'.

5) Ampoule, a thicker additional layer that gives the dewy feel. I either use Farsali's Essence that I got from Sephora abroad, or Coconut Oil as that layer.

6) Moisturizer, the final thicker layer which locks it all in. I use Cosrx's 'Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream'. 

7) Day Time coverage with a light weight, medium coverage BB Cream that also includes a sunscreen. I use Missha's 'Perfect Cover BB Cream' which is super famous for not just a good coverage cream, but also because it has many healing properties.

8) EYES: An eye cream for the day and an eye mask for the night. For the day I use Laneige's 'Time Freeze Eye Serum' and for the night I use Laneige's 'Special Care Eye Sleeping Mask'.

9) LIPS: For the Lips I use a Lip Exfoliator (it's super mild) to get rid of the dry patchiness once in two days. I like Unpa's 'Bubi Bubi Lip Scrub'. For moisture, I use Nakeup Face's 'Lip Oil' and follow it up with AbbaMart's '24/7 I Need Moisture Lip Balm Stick' in Berry Smoothie'. For the night I use Aritaum's 'Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask' because it's super hydrating.


Shampoo: Loreal's 'Ever Pure Sulfate Free Shampoo'. This is available in Pakistan.

Conditioner: Jungle Botanical's 'Forest Leaves Warming Treatment'

Leave In Argan Oil: CFC Lab's 'Blooming Bouquet Hair Oil'

Hair Ampoule: Piolang's 'CP-1 Premium Silk Ampoule'


- Bio-Oil Specialist Skin Care Oil (I use this all over my body)

- Soap & Glory's 'Heel Genius Foot Cream'

That's all Folks! Everything that I use is listed here along with the links to the products. Leave a comment if you have any useful suggestions or any questions!

And with that, it's Sumayah out!

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