LFT (Lahore Food Tour) Day 1: Seaweed Taco and Ice Cream!

LFT (Lahore Food Tour) Day 1: Seaweed Taco and Ice Cream!

So I'm in Lahore: the city that boasts culture, history, heritage, the Metro Bus, and last but not the least, Lahori FOOD! Since I'm accompanying my husband on his work trip, I have plenty of time on my hands while he's away and I decided to try something unique and fun while I was here.

It's not like I'm visiting Lahore for the first time, I've lived here for 5 years to study at LUMS. Growing up there was always at least one trip a year to visit my extended family residing in the city as well so I'm pretty used to visiting this beautiful yet crazy city. In fact, I think it's even safe to call it my second home, Bangkok being my third. Lol.

But when you're visiting a city to basically study or meet family, you don't REALLY see it and for the most part you end up taking it for granted. To my dismay, I barely explored beyond the nearby confines of wherever I was staying, always thinking I'll do it one day. And so there's all this food that I just happened to have missed out on because that day never came, but the day for me to go back to my home city did. SHOCKING! In all these years, I have not once had Butt ki Karahi!

And so ladies and gentleman, this Super Samurai, I mean Sumayah, is here to fix what she messed up on. It's time to go on a food tour through the city. Explore, experience and eat what the city has to offer, based on recommendations that I've been getting from you lovely folks over Instagram and Snapchat. I have a whole list prepared already thanks to you girls and guys and I'll try to cover a few places each day, and cover as much of the list as my tummy allows. Moving on to the notes from Day 1!

By the time we checked in to our hotel and settled in, it was already dinner time. So we decided to keep Day 1 light and explore two highly recommended, high end restaurants, that luckily for us are located next to each other.

STOP 1: Rina's Kitchenette, Gulberg

Rina's Kitchenette, Gulberg

Rina's Kitchenette, Gulberg

This name wasn't new for me since Rina's was already running while I was at LUMS. However, at that time it was simply a small bakery based somewhere in Defence, and only a few people knew of it or were big fans. Today, the bakery has transformed into a restaurant that also has a mouthwatering dessert bar, leaving you confused on which course of your meal you want to binge on and which one to take lightly. The desserts being offered now aren't just unique but also a lot more than what Rina's used to have during my years at LUMS, so for me there was plenty of new things to try, and I couldn't wait. Here's a rundown of all that I tried with my recommendations:

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Apple- Ginger Juice 

Freshly pressed juice, great choice for an energetic thirst quenching drink in the winter. Loved it, highly recommend it. 

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Seaweed Taco with Shrimp and Egg

Appetizer. Unlike anything I've had before. Who would've imagined seaweed to bring in such an amazing flavor to the whole dish. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Rina's Smash Burger

Smashed double beef patty, Signature potato buns which I found quite unique, double cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce. Served with herb fries and Sriracha Mayo. Interesting but not a MUST try. I've had better beef burgers. Not bad though. I'd give it a 3/5.

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Pepperoni Miele Caldo

Pepperoni with Rina's own Italian Sauce, a bunch of different cheeses which blended together to literally take you to cheese land with every bite, and Jalapeno relish that wasn't overpowering. Served with hot honey (very unique for a pizza). Loved it, Highly Recommend it. If you love cheese, and also Pizza, this is MADE FOR YOU!

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I took a bunch of items for take away. Everything looked super delicious so wasn't sure which ones I should leave behind. Hardest decision of my life. Still need to try them so review pending.

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Yay or Nay?

Definitely a YAY! The ambience is cozy, the pizza is to die for, and the desserts are definitely not to be missed!

STOP 2: Cosa Nostra, Gulberg

I'll be honest here, I've been here before. Many times. In fact I try to go here every time I'm in the city. But their ice cream is definitely to die for. And I don't have a sweet tooth, I have sweet teeth. There's just never a reason to NOT have desserts in life.

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Creamy, orgasmic ice cream that melts in your mouth. I had strawberry cheesecake and extra dark chocolate. And I died. Just writing about it now is making me want to go back and have more!

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These Lights!

One of the reasons I love going to Cosa, is its cozy ambience. After having all that food and sugar, I just sat under these lights with Subi and a friend accompanying us, to have tea. It was perfect. We didn't want to move from here.

And this marks the end of Day 1 of my Food Tour in Lahore. If you liked it or found it interesting, leave a comment below. Also if you have a favorite place to eat in Lahore, definitely let me know before I leave here so maybe I can give it a try.

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