LFT Day 2: Nihari and Dramatic Dessert!

LFT Day 2: Nihari and Dramatic Dessert!

An eventful day to say the least: I got to finally meet one of my interns, Maryam who is based in Lahore and has been working with me on the digital marketing side of the blog for almost as long as the blog's been running. I also got to visit one of my most favorite and frequented places for Nihari from my days at LUMS. I had been craving their Nihari for months, nay, years now. So it had to be done. So let's get down straight to today's food shall we?

STOP 1: Muhammadi Nehari House, M.M Alam Road

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This branch is most certainly different from their usual small and very desi ones, where no stress was ever placed on ambience. You just had tables, chairs, steel plates, and food. Those branches were also mostly small and not as women friendly. What I loved about this branch was how it's transformed the dhaba version of Muhammadi Nihari to a more hip and family oriented one. The menu also encompasses a lot more than it used to. Alright, enough about the place, let's talk about the Nihari shall we?


The Aromatic Fried Beef Nihari

This Nihari is bound to give you Cholestrol for sure. But as soon as you have the plate in front of you, the aroma envelopes you and you can't wait to devour the whole plate with no second thought. LOVED IT!

While the restaurant's definitely tried to become modern, I loved how they tried to fuse their desi feel by keeping a steel plate, in a wooden frame. Have it with a lassi and you're done for the day.

STOP 2: Eataly Ristorante, Gulberg

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Right across Mall One, which in itself is a great place to hang out with friends for coffee, desserts or just deli food, considering it has a truck load of hip cafes and restaurants such as Espresso, Pantry, Deli, etc., this restaurant is a fairly recent one in the city. So Maryam and I wanted to give it a try. It was also one of the highly recommended restaurants by you girls and boys. For the dessert, we asked the waiter for his recommendation and this is what we ended up with:


Inside Out

A dessert straight out of heaven. White chocolate mousse with raspberry coulis, warm chocolate sauce and a hazelnut brownie. The dessert came with the coulis (I think) on the top like a brick, and as you pour the warm chocolate over it, it melts into the dessert. It was dramatic, it was delicious, it was everything you expect from a sweet treat!

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The Warm, Fuzzy Feels!

Totally loved the ambience. Super cozy, super warm, and super cute. Reminded me of cafes in Bangkok and made me super jealous of all the amazing options that Lahoris have to dine out. 

So that brings Day 2 to an end. Oh I also tried the Banoffee Pie from Rina's that I got yesterday. It was good. A little too sweet for my liking, but definitely worth a try. Hope you enjoyed today's tour. See you tomorrow!

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