Korean Skin Care: Hit or Miss?

Korean Skin Care: Hit or Miss?

Last month I shared on my Snapchat and Instagram that I had invested in a Korean Skin Care Regime. I'll be very honest. The inspiration came from the Korean dramas I had started watching and I just could not deal with how amazing the actors' and actresses' skin looked. I had heard of a Korean Skin Care Regime earlier but this inspiration prompted me to research into what it entailed. I bookmarked some blogs which recommended specific products for each step of the routine, and even researched on every single one for my specific skin type (oily, acne prone, sensitive skin). Since I promised a review after using the regime for a whole 30 days, I'm sharing not just that here but also everything you need to know about the Korean Skin Care Regime.

What is the Korean Skin Care Regime?

Koreans consider the skin to work like a sponge. That means that using a simple moisturizer on your face just doesn't cut it. Why? Because the skin absorbs it instantly and you don't realize how dry your skin still is. And dryness is the number one cause of oiliness. Confused? Well in a nutshell, your skin produces more oil to tackle the dryness and so to decrease oiliness, one must keep the skin hydrated. The body works in mysterious ways I know. Anyway, the smart Koreans came up with a regime that ENSURES that your skin gets moisturized properly while adding additional nourishment to it throughout the process. Each step in the regime prepares your skin for the next and eventually the very last which is the moisturizer. And eventually you are left with a fresh, healthy looking skin. The regime starts off with a double cleanse as that not only ensures proper cleaning of everything dirty from your face, but also works as mild exfoliation and promotes blood circulation in the face, which is great for every skin type but vital for those with acne prone skin. It follows up with moisturizing essence, serums, ampoules, etc.

Does the Regime work?

In my personal experience, I started noticing the difference from the very first week. The products I got were specifically catering to oil control, minimizing pores, and correcting acne scars. After using the regime for a whole month and more, I can claim that the oiliness on my face has certainly gone down, my eyes don't look as dark and tired, my lips feel supple, and my drained and energy less face seems fresh and healthy. The acne marks have certainly gone down too. I am most certainly a believer of the Korean Skin Care Regime, and have been telling everyone to use it. A side note: I made my sister try it for just one night, and she said her face felt great the next morning. Another side note: I was unable to try EVERYTHING on the list which includes exfoliation (twice a week) as well as face and eye masks (twice a week). 

Time it takes to Apply the Regime Everyday?

Maximum 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night before going to bed. With practice it even takes lesser time and you can become a skin ninja (though I wouldn't recommend it, as it's ideal to let your skin absorb each product before moving on to the next).

The Korean Products I Used

Day Time Regime in order of Usage:

For Double Cleanse: 

  • Oil Based Cleanser - Clean it Zero Purity (for sensitive skin) by Banila.co
  • Water Based Cleanser - Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser by Aromatica (for oily and blemished skin)


  • Power Essential Skin Refiner Light Toner by Laneige
  • Green Tea Moisture Essence by Innisfree
  • Anti Pore (Pore Tightening Serum) by Dr. Young (also includes collagen for scar treatment)
  • Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule by Mizon (scar and acne treatment)
  • Salmon Brightening Eye Cream by Skin Food
  • Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel by Benton (works as a moisturizer)


  • UV Sun Protector Cream by Mizon (light, not cakey, fast absorbing sunscreen)

Night Time Regime in order of Usage:

For Double Cleanse: Same as above

Moisturizing: Same as above

Overnight Masks:

  • Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask by (not sure about the brand name, it's all Korean lol)
  • Face Mask: Whitening Pore Sleeping Pack (Jeju Tangerine) by Innisfree (great for blemishes)

To Use Twice a Week:

  • Exfoliation: Gentle Cream Exfoliant by Dermalogica OR Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask by Freeman
  • Face Masks: Collagen Tissue Mask (Whitening Effect) by Facy - Not tried so far; Green Tea Mask + Pomegranate Mask by Sephora - Tried and found okay; Cucumber Mask by Domesky - Not tried so far; W Kuron Activated Carbon Mask by Kuron - Tried and absolutely loved.
  • Eye Masks: Deep Moisturizer and Anti Aging + Whitening by LuLuLun (Japanese Brand) - Not tried so far.

Did the Regime treat my Acne?

A lot of people think using topical treatments can cure their acne problems for good. However after years of dealing with acne and consulting with almost every big dermatologist that there is in my city, I came to the conclusion that topical treatments can only help deal with acne but not CURE it. The cure or treatment for acne itself lies in understanding the cause of your acne internally. There is a lot that happens within our bodies that results in acne on the skin be it hormonal imbalances, PCOS, allergies or something else. Until and unless you treat those underlying symptoms, you cannot see your acne going down. Topical treatments can help those who break out due to pollutants and excess oiliness for sure (these are people who break out occasionally and not excessively). You can read more about whether you may have a hormonal imbalance caused by PCOS that may be resulting in acne, oiliness and other issues in my post here. That being said, this regime helped me counter the aftermath of my breakouts effectively including scars, pores and blemishes. While I would not say that my skin is perfect after just one month of usage, I can claim with certainty that it has improved.

Do I Recommend it?

Heck Yeah! I recommend this to everyone I meet now. None of the products here are sponsored and I was not paid for this review. So rest assured that this is my true and honest recommendation, especially if you're someone who deals with oiliness, dryness or deals with a lack of glow on your skin and is just interested in making the skin look healthier.

Where can you order these products?

I found this website by chance and it was heaven. They have all Korean products available and often with discounts. On top of that, they offer free shipping anywhere in the world over USD 50. The shipment arrived within a week and in great packaging. They even sent me one free item. Wowowow.

How much do all the products cost?

So this is a bit tricky but bear with me. The products are all bought at once, which makes it look like a very pricey investment. However if you break down the cost over a monthly one, you realize that it's not THAT expensive, as most products last for a good 6 months. So based on how long each one of these times items will take to be fully consumed, I made a breakdown of the total cost in PKR on a monthly cost because that makes you feel better about the investment. The full cost of the products (excluding the exfoliation and masks to be used twice a week) is also available below:

Monthly Cost: PKR 5,500/-

One Time Full Cost: PKR 20,800/-

Let me know if you have any other questions or if there is any other information that you'd like me to provide regarding this regime in the comments below. Happy Skin Caring!



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