5 Ways to Stay Hydrated for Those Who Hate Drinking Water

5 Ways to Stay Hydrated for Those Who Hate Drinking Water

It's Ramzan, and we're in Day 4 of the Ramzan Challenge. The fact that we all should stay hydrated and need to drink sufficient water on a daily basis is pretty much common sense knowledge. Yet most of us seem to struggle with having enough water down each day either due to laziness, or simply because we don't like drinking water. I know many girls and boys who'd have a Red Bull or Coke all day instead of water. While you can substitute water with other drinks to stay hydrated (as they all contain some percentage of water), it's important to be mindful of which drinks to use as substitutes to ensure one is keeping the substitute healthy. Let's start with some basics shall we?

Why is it important to drink the whole required amount of water each day?

  1. This is probably the most important reason for all the Challenge Takers, but also for anyone else. Not having enough water can lead to Fatigue and Tiredness as your metabolism slows down. Your cells don't have enough water to burn energy so they do it much more slowly. Headaches maybe a sign to let you know that you need to drink more water.
  2. Happy tummy and happy weight. Water helps in digestion, it also helps in burning down and breaking the food. Constipation is a cause of poor digestion and could potentially lead to nausea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloating, loss of appetite and other crazy shit. 
  3. Your stomach's lining is also made with 98% water and dehydrated people run the risk of getting ulcers.
  4. Water helps you lose weight. That's right! Water aids metabolism so you burn more calories when you drink water. Plus studies show that drinking water before a meal makes you consume less calories than you would have otherwise and so we should all drink water before our meals! Great times. ok.
  5. Your skin glows and your hair shines which if you were dehydrated would turn into oily or dry skin, give you acne, and your hair would fall and everything would be just a jumbo mess.

So how much water do you need to drink everyday?

Everyone has a different requirement based on their body shape and climatic conditions, but for a generic value, the recommended amount is 2.2 liters which translates to 10 (250 ml) glasses. That's 10 of your generic glass sizes.

So what's the plan?

I personally am not fond of drinking water. I like drinking something with flavor, be it tea, or coffee or a juice. I just can't do the plain glass of water. Know what I mean? So this is a plan I came up with:

1. One cup of coffee in the morning (that's 250 ml down). I have black coffee with no sugar. Coffee has antioxidants, and apparently makes your skin great too. Plus it helps prevent many types of cancers, depression, heart diseases, etc. You can read all these benefits here. However, coffee is a diuretic, which means it will make you pee pretty soon, but that's fine. It doesn't offset your hydration count. I checked. 

2. One cup of tea in the afternoon and one in the evening. I like my tea green or flavored (chamomile, apple, raspberry, anything works really), without milk and no sugar. Go crazy with this option. Have them hot or cold. Whichever way you like them. Just try to have them without sugar if you don't want gaining extra weight. That's 3 out of ten glasses down. 

3. Lemon Water aka Lemonade. This is my personal favorite. I can have a whole bottle, 4 glasses of this easily. I usually make my lemonade with very little brown sugar, so it tastes sour and tangy but I like that. If I feel like having it sweeter, I make a strawberry lemonade, or throw in any other sweet fruit to give a natural, healthy and refreshing flavor. So 4 + 3 = 7 out of ten cups down.

4. Fruit juice or fruit itself: Having a glass of any of your favorite fruit juice works. If you don't want or can't have that, have fruit. Watermelon is great. About 1-1/2 cup of watermelon equals 1 glass of water. So let's assume you have another glass of water here: 8 glasses down in total.

5. Milk: I LOVE milk with Ovaltine and a bit of honey. It's my personal favorite and I could easily have 2 glasses each day. BUT anyone who has PCOS should refrain from dairy and so that's not an option for me. For all those who don't have dairy constraints, this could very easily be another glass (won't recommend more than one glass because dairy products have ALOT of fat content and of course sugar in them).

And lastly, I obviously end up having 2-3 glasses of water over the day. So there you have it. 10 glasses of water down nice and easy. This is an easy to follow routine to stay hydrated and should be super helpful in Ramzan whether you're doing the fitness challenge or not, and totally doable once Ramzan is over too. You can follow it in the office, you can do this if you're a stay at home person. You can get your entire family on board. Listen to your body, if you feel like you need more water to stay hydrated, have more.

For those working out: You should be having sufficient water DURING your workout as you sweat and lose water. That consumption is ADDITIONAL to your daily intake, you shouldn't be counting that into the ten glasses you need daily.
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