Malta: 4 Days in PKR 200,000 Only!

Malta: 4 Days in PKR 200,000 Only!

Malta is a gorgeous little Mediterranean island right below Italy. I got a chance to visit it in January of 2018. However, from my own experience, to make the most of your vacation, the best time to visit Malta would be May-June. Because of the winds, we could not visit Comino and a couple of other sites that were closed for maintenance, but we did get some amazing prices on the hotels because it was off season. The prices provided here are estimates for May-June 2018 (ideal time to travel to Malta) and are subject to change depending on the time you wish to travel on, so I've added buffer cash i.e. an amount that you should take just in case the prices have risen or exchange rate is less in your favor (sadness!). I hope this provides you with a basic idea of how much cash or credit amount you need to travel with. One more point to add here is that most places in Malta take credit cards so if you wish to travel light on cash, you can definitely rely on your card.

Since water is provided by most hotels free of cost, I have not added it separately in the budget except for one bottle a day that you might need on the go.

The overall budget stated here is in Rupees, Dollars as well as Euros for your convenience, however the individual prices are in Euros only to show the actual price at the country of visit.

Prices are reflective of costs for one person only unless stated otherwise.

Before you arrive in Malta:

  • Return ticket to Malta from Islamabad/Lahore/Karachi: ~ Rs. 90,000 (contingent on season and how early you book)
  • Best option for airline:

Turkish Airlines – Voted Europe's best airline at the 2016 Skytrax World Airline Awards for the last 5 years, plus the cheapest among all the decent airlines for this route. Also gives you the option to reserve seats without payment if booking in advance. And lastly, the least amount of layover time so shortest trip to Malta compared to all other airlines.

Look for flight options at Turkish Airlines website.

  • Decent honeymoon Hotel (2pax): Euro 80 per night
  • Luxury honeymoon Hotel/Resorts (2pax): Euro 100 per night
  • Hostel for backpackers (1pax): Euro 40 per night
  • Decent hotel for backpackers (1pax): Euro 57 per night
  • A good Air BnB Apartment (2 pax): Euro 65 per night

Look for hotel options here.

  • Visa from Pakistan: PKR 11,500

Once in Malta:

  • Taxi from airport to St Julians or Valletta (up to 4 persons): Euro 25 or 20
  • Food: Euro 25
  • Adult Unlimited Travel Bus Pass (if there for almost 7 days): Euro 21
  • Water (1.5 Litre Bottle): Euro 1.5
  • Return Ferry trip to Gozo: Euro 4.65
  • Boat Tour to Comino: Euro 40
  • Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Gelato: Euro 2
  • Souvenirs: Euro 10
  • St. Paul's Cathedral +  Museum (Mdina): Euro 5
  • Fort St. Elmo + National War Museum (Valletta): Euro 10
  • Casa Rocco Piccola (Valletta): Euro 9
  • St. John's Co-Cathedral (Valletta): Euro 10
  • Grand Master's Palace (Valletta): Euro 12
  • The Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni: Euro 35
  • Buffer: Euro 100

Overall 4 day budget for one person in Malta with all sight seeing: ~ Euro 420/ USD 514/ PKR 60,000

Overall 4 day travel budget for one person to Malta (including visa, air and decent backpacker hotel fare): ~ Euro 1400/ USD 1500/PKR 190,000 

Overall 4 day travel budget for a honeymoon couple to Malta (including visa, air and decent hotel fare): ~ Euro 2600/ USD 3157/ PKR 350,000 

This budget excludes all shopping expenses that you might have.

Additional cost items:

  • Car Rental per day: Euro 12
  • Individual bus ticket without pass (valid for two hours): Euro 1.5 
  • Massage at a good Spa: Euro 75

As you can see, a four day trip to Malta isn’t very costly if you exclude the ticket and hotel. Being smart with regards to those two chunky expenses, such as booking much in advance and finding discounted deals can make your overall budget go down tremendously.

Stay tuned for more details on the places to see listed in the itinerary, hotel and food recommendations, etc.

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