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5 Ways to Stay Hydrated for Those Who Hate Drinking Water

Whether you're following a fitness routine or not, staying hydrated is undoubtedly the key to a healthy lifestyle: good skin, less hair fall, weight loss, good digestion and a lot more. But what can one do if he/she is not a fan of drinking water. That's me. I can drink juices, tea or coffee, but getting my glasses of water a day is always a challenge. This is the ultimate plan for someone like me! 

A Woman's Place IS in the Kitchen

This post comes from a time when as a feminist I was going through an existential crisis leading to the conclusion that earlier feminists were wrong to claim that a woman's place is not in the society. It so is. So is a Man's. So is a child's, be it a girl or boy. Why could they just not say 'WE ALL BELONG IN THE KITCHEN!' and leave it at that? I wish I had spent more time in the kitchen. 

What even are PCOS?

If you are also SO done with your ACNE issues and your hair loss and your weight gain, etc. give this piece a read to see if you might actually have PCOs all this time but never quite new about it. It's rather unfortunate that doctors (dermatologists and even gynecologists) don't talk about PCOs like they should. Often times girls go undiagnosed for something that they can so easily treat and control with some lifestyle adjustments, and end up trying all sorts of pills, medications and todkas, never really being able to solve the problem at its core. With this post, I hope you can get a basic idea of whether what you have may be PCOs, what they are and how you can work on it.