All in Self Love

A Letter of Apology to Every Pakistani Girl Ever!

A heartfelt message shedding light on how our society sub consciously or consciously subjugates a girl's self esteem from a very young age, depriving her of the self confidence that she needs to stand up for herself and her rights, to charge on as a leader, and take decisions for her life. While it may seem like all hope is lost, there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel, and therefore this piece reminds the girls and women of how they can be the bearers of light, of change and of progress.

Cinderella CAN be Dark

When we first adopted my cat Sparky, the whole world looked down at her because she was black. The good thing was that she didn't care what anyone thought. But humans do. And when little girls are told they aren't beautiful because they're dark, and constantly nagged to try whitening creams as soon as they hit puberty so they can get a good 'rishta', it leaves them shattered with scars that take years to heal. This is an account of one such incident and how as a young girl you can use move beyond it to gain your own self confidence.

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'I Love Myself' Box

The government can ban public celebration of Valentine's Day all it wants, ain't nobody gonna stop you from showing yourself some love this year. Read on about this very special and exclusive box treat to appreciate yourself.